Pontiac’s Clear Steering Wheels

1960 through 1968 Pontiac Transparent Steering Wheels

The Process:
1960 through 1968 Pontiac manufactured a clear and colored steering wheel which was injection molded with transparent acrylic thermoplastic over the top and bottom sections of the chrome plated reinforcing rim. This plastic was not UV stable thus it would turn yellow with exposure to sunlight and heat, shrink as the solvents and plasticizer evaporated and cracking would develop. As the steering wheel received more exposure, the effect became cumulative and the plastic became more brittle. Eventually, the plastic would fall off the wheel. Our steering wheel restoration process uses UV stable thermoset specially formulated proprietary plastic. The plastic has excellent compression and tensile strength and does not shrink. It’s strength and ductility allow it to expand and contract with the reinforcing rim as the surrounding temperature changes. This material is expensive and the process is time consuming, however, this is the best system available for steering wheel restoration.

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    • Recast in Thermoset Specially Formulated Plastic
    • Will Not Shrink, Crack or Turn Yellow With Age
    • Tripled Plated Chrome on Reinforcing Ring
    • Custom Colors Available
    • UltraViolet Stable, Colors won’t fade
    • Grip Pattern as Original
Pontiac 1962 to 1963
Pontiac 1962 to 1963
Transparent and Coronado Red

1961 Pontiac Transparent Steering Wheel

Condition as received with the original clear acrylic plastic mostly missing from the top half of the steering wheel. This plastic was not UV stable and after years of exposure to sunlight and heat, it turned yellow, shrunk, developed cracks and fell off the reinforcing frame. The solid color portion of the steering wheel faired better, however, it also developed shrinkage cracks

Note the finished wheel below along with other years and colors