Nash Healey Steering Wheels

Process: I remove all of the old plastic from the rim of the wheel.  I also remove the three folded over pieces of sheet metal that attach the spoke banjo wires to the rim reinforcing ring.  The rim reinforcing ring and the steering wheel frame are bead blasted.  The frame and the rim reinforcing ring are placed into a welding fixture where 15 full penetration bi-metallic welds are made between the steel rim reinforcing ring and each of the stainless steel banjo wires.  This creates a structurally sound steering wheel frame assembly.  The 15 square shaped banjo wires are cleaned and polished.

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    • Recast in Thermoset Specially Formulated Plastic
    • Will not Shrink, Crack or Turn Yellow with Age
    • Custom Colors Available
    • UltraViolet Stable, Colors won’t fade
    • Grip Pattern as Original