Classic Banjo Steering Wheels

Custom designed 15.5″ diameter Classic Banjo Steering Wheel for Hot Rods and Customs. Fits GM and most after market steering columns with similar designs to fit Ford columns. The rim is molded with UV stable, specially formulated, proprietary thermoset plastic with a comfortable finger grip pattern similar to the classic banjos of years past. Features functioning horn button with V-8 or DeLuxe insignia. Custom horn button and custom colors to order.

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  • Custom Hub Diameter to Match Column Jacket
  • Hub Fits Directly Onto GM & Most After Market Steering Columns
  • 15.5″ or 17″ Rim Diameters
  • Custom Color Combinations Available
  • 6061-T6 Aluminum Hub, CNC Machined
  • 304 Stainless Steel Spoke Wires
Classic Banjo 1939
Classic Banjo 1939 with Matching Knobs


Classic Banjo with GM style hub in Black
Classic Banjo Steering Wheel mounted directly to a 4 1/8″ diameter GM column. Note how precisely the hub mates to the bottom of the column without an adapter. You also can see how well the horn button assembly fits to the front of the hub.

Classic Banjo Steering Wheel
Custom designed 15.5″ Classic Banjo steering Wheel for Hot Rods and Customs. Fits GM and most after market steering columns. features functioning horn button with V-8 insignia. Custom horn buttons and colors to order. Similar design to fit early Ford columns.

Classic Banjo Steering Wheel in 2-tone custom colors. This wheels hub color was matched to the steering column and the rim color was matched to the seat leather. The DeLuxe script in the horn button was also matched to the leather. The accent groove in the spoke separators was highlighted with maroon paint. This steering wheel was the final touch to a beautiful interior scheme and thus became the focal point of the car’s interior.