Buick Steering Wheels

Buick Steering Wheels shown are representative of typical Buick Steering Wheels from this era. We have molds for almost all Steering Wheels from 1936 through 1966, and we are always making new molds.
To understand my process in recast steering wheels, please refer to the web page labeled OUR PROCESS.

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    • Recast in Thermoset Specially Formulated Plastic
    • Molded Shape as Original
    • Reduced Diameter for Some Years
    • Custom Colors Available
    • UltraViolet Stable, Colors won’t fade
    • Grip Pattern as Original
Buick 1939 Transparent Maroon
Buick 1939 Transparent Maroon

The Process:

I remove all the old plastic, bead blast the frame and paint it in the original color as the plastic. Through my proprietary process, I cast on a specially formulated thermoset UV stable proprietary plastic in the original configuration without loss of the original detail. The plastic does not shrink, crack, turn yellow or change colors. The steering wheel frame is placed into the appropriate mold. The clear liquid plastic is tinted to the desired color and added to the mold. Upon completion of the curing process, the plastic is heat treated, sanded and polished. The color is uniform throughout the plastic and the finished product is polished plastic, not a painted wheel. The molded plastic is one complete casting, there are no joints.